Residential Clients


We have been living in our house for 11 years now and never really took the time to organize our garage.  It had become so unmanageable that I could not stand it any longer.  We could never find what we were looking for and would end up buying things we already owned on the back of a shelf somewhere.  I ended up calling Beverly at “Organize with Beverly, LLC”.  She came out and gave me ideas of what we could do.  Two days later, she came out and started work.  She took everything off shelves and organized it into piles of like items.  She cleaned things off and consolidated items that I had duplicates of.  She was really good about working with organizing supplies we already owned, which I appreciated.  I only needed to buy a couple of new, inexpensive storage containers to help turn our organized vision into a reality.  She even made better use of some wall space.  The entire garage will be so easy to maintain.  Beverly made organizing so easy and pleasant and I could certainly see applying what I learned to other rooms in my house.  I would not hesitate to use “Organize with Beverly, LLC” again and I would definitely recommend her to all my friends.  “THANK YOU BEVERLY!”  – D.M.


I am extremely pleased with the transformation of our storage spaces!!!  Beverly worked within my budget and accommodated all my wishes for the areas.  Not only are the areas organized so that we can find everything easily, the set-up is much more accommodating to the frequency of use and grouping of like items.  We were hoping to find a little more room to put items when college kids come home and Beverly was able to organize our storage areas so that we had a lot more space than I ever expected for them.  Beverly was very easy to work with and had great ideas throughout the whole process of sorting through items, deciding what to keep, where to keep and how to store what we had.  We no longer have overly stuffed, messy, embarrassing spaces where we can’t find things.  Our storage is neat, organized and everything is in its place.  I would highly recommend Beverly’s services.  – L.F.


You have given us the most wonderful gift!  A clutter free life! – M.T.


“Thank you for your coaching, I was able to hear it while packing yesterday.”  “The to-do list you provided is great!  It helped me to stay focused on the actions we discussed, in detail.”  “Thank you for all of your assistance with this move.  I am very happy with the room arrangement and furniture placement.” – E.G.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your talents, skills and patience in the projects we tackled together.  When I was emotional, working out which ornaments I would let go, you allowed me to feel the sadness.  You put it in a perspective to show me I was trying to move forward.  I decided these objects no longer serve me.  I am headed in a direction different than before.  It is okay to feel sad but it is not an end but a new and optimistic beginning.  If I ever need a touch up or have a new project in mind, I know who to call.  – M.W.


Thank you again for your kind attention with my belongings.  I will be most pleased to mention you to others in need of your service.  – K.K.